Friday, December 7, 2007

Suggestion Box

Welcome to the Chris Bensen blog suggestion box. Post suggestions for future topics here in the comments. The comments will be read and emptied periodically so don't be surprised if your suggestions vanishes. Suggestions are just that suggestions and I am under no obligation to accept any suggestion.

Since this is a blog focused on things I'm interested in keep the suggestions along those lines:

Delphi programming.
Programming topics.
My personal hobbies.
Issues of general interest.

Keep your suggestion short and to the point.

You can always find a link back here from the sidebar on the right.

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Paracet PainRelieve said...

Help me please.
Today i try to implement custom Gesture on my application.I try to create the form that the user can customize Gesture for "Close" action at runtime, i don't know how to do this. Two week before i designed "C" gesture for "Close" action but the user want to design it himself.
Thank you.

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