Tuesday, January 16, 2007

.NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide: Book Review

.NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide

On the cover Don Box is quoted saying “This is the last book that should be written about COM programming. There is nothing left to say.” I think this is a great book and a must have for anyone doing any .NET and COM Interop, I most certainly don’t think this is the last book that will be or could be written. It is a bold statement. This book provides in depth understanding into the strange world we find ourselves in with COM and .NET, and has way too many pages to just read from cover to cover. Typically I use this book as a reference book. I tried to read it but I personally find reading vacuum manuals less dry. That being said I highly recommend this book to anyone jumping in with two feed into COM Interop. I still reference this book today, but when I first started doing COM Interop it sat on my desk next to my keyboard waiting to be opened every few minutes.

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