Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bug in Midas.dll

Just today I was brought in to investigate a bug where midas.dll wasn't registering correctly when registered with "tregsvr midas.dll". The problem was on a fresh system a new Remote Data Module couldn't be created because the COM subsystem couldn't find IAppServer registered in the registry. IAppServer is an interface in the Midas type library. It turns out that midas.dll was changed for updates to Delphi 2006 Update3 and Delphi 7 (not sure which update version) and this bug was introduced. You can test this by running "tregsvr midas.dll" on a clean system and searching the registry for IAppServer. You can solve this problem by running both "tregsvr midas.dll" to register the information required to do a CoCreateInstance, and also running "tregsvr -t midas.dll" to register the type library.

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