Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My 5 Favorite Things in Delphi 2007

I have been tagged by Chee Wee to write 5 of my favorite things in Delphi 2007.

1. Lots of bug fixes!

2. An F1 key that actually works. This includes the entire process behind the documentation as well. If you run into any cases that don't work please file a bug in QC and let me know about it.

3. The fact that Delphi 2007 is completely backwards compatible with Delphi 2006. This means all components built with Delphi 2006 don't need to be recompiled and IDE plugins should all just work! This is the first time this has been done and while there are a lot of changes that I'd like to make to VCL and the IDE that would have broken backwards compatibility I think this is an important feature.

4. It is fast. It reminds me of Delphi 7 only with more cool editor features. Since Delphi 7, this is the first version I'm installing at home. That's how much I like it!

5. And the best for last. All of the community projects and Delphi built applications that were created because Delphi existed but have been used to make a better Delphi. By shipping using the FastCode string comparison routines. With these Changes we have seen 100% performance increase, or 50% decrease (whichever way you want to look at it) when building with a version of Doc-O-Matic that has been built with Delphi 2007.

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