Friday, July 13, 2007

Backing Up Your Blogger Blog

Last weekend I was talking to a friend and she mentioned that a while back when blogger did some internal migration she lost one of her almost dozen blogs. Not exactly sure how you keep track of a nearly a dozen blogs but I guess it goes to show you how popular blogging is. At any rate my first thought was "don't you back up your important blog data", but I held my tongue because I'm not backing up my blog either. So I started looking into how to back up my Blogger blog. In my short search I came across a blog post How to Back Up Your Blogger Blog. The best way appears to have each message and comment emailed to yourself and in the unlikely event of a Blogger failure the blog could be recreated. What a pain. I think if someone wanted to make a cool blogger backup application there could be a market for it. I'd sure use it.


Fernando Madruga said...

Well, I admit I'm also guilty of not backing up my blogger stuff!

Although, a simple "blogger backup" search in google yielded at the very top, this link: blogger backup.

I haven't tested it, but at least there seems to already exist such a thing! :)

In my many years of computer/internet, I've learned that many times the right question to ask is "where" can I find this, rather than "does this exist?"... :)

Fernando Madruga said...

And another way to backup the posts and images that also looks easy to do (haven't tried yet!):

Backup your blogger posts

(a few links further down on that google search)

Chris Bensen said...


Good point "where" would be better. I was looking for an OS X tool, but I didn't find this link How do I create a backup of my entire blog? after a bit more searching.

Chris Bensen said...


I should also clarify that all of the backup procedures I ran across required recreating the block in the event of a failure. I haven't seen a tool that is a one button restore. I'm sure one exists but I haven't seen it.

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