Monday, July 16, 2007

Default IDE Options when Importing a Type Library

Last week I posted How to Import a Type Library from the Command Line. Today I'm posting which of these options are the defaults for the IDE. This is useful if you want to reproduce what the IDE is doing from the command line and since the defaults are not exactly identical I thought it would be useful to have a list published.

  • -C- C++ Import file (the IDE will control this option)
  • -P- PASCAL Import file (the IDE will control this option)
  • -Ha+ Create IDE component for Controls
  • -Hs+ Create IDE component for Servers
  • -Hr+ Generate component registration
  • -O+ Generate CoClassCreator wrappers
  • -R+ Process dependent type libraries
  • -W+ Emit warnings in files
  • -Wc+ Emit comments in filesx
  • -Yc+ [CanCreate]
  • -Cd+ Generate dispinterfaces
  • -Cu+ Expose namespace with 'using'
  • -Ps+ Map dual HRESULT to safecall
  • -Cw+ BCB-style event server events
  • -Ct+ Force the use of a _TLB file

So there you have it, the defaults the IDE uses for the first time ever documented.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I just linked to these two blog entries from the Delphi Wiki at

Maybe you want to write an article there?


Chris Bensen said...

Hi Thomas,

The Delphi Wiki server is really slow at the moment or I'd do it right now otherwise I'll probably forget. But you are more than welcome to copy and modify those two posts for the Delphi Wiki.

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