Friday, August 24, 2007

C++Builder User Statistics

David Dean posted a comment to my post yesterday about Delphi and C++Builder User Statistics with additional information I hadn't noticed from the newsgroups specifically about C++Builder:

"Now that you mention it, I'd like to point out two other posts by Michael: (made in borland.public.cppbuilder.non-technical)

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We've sold approximately 1m C++Builder licenses since 1996. However, there
have been several times that number of free compiler downloads and
personal/Turbo Explorer registrations.

Approx +1.5m active C++Builder users WW in 2007, VS.NET is +6m users.

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Interestingly C++Builder has typically sold more copies that Delphi per
version *but* they have been more heavily weighted toward Pro where as
Delphi is more heavily weighted toward Enterprise (Client/Server) *and*
hasn't had as many versions as Delphi. C++Builder population slowed down for
a few years during the time we were not upgrading C++Builder (during the era
of CBX etc). But interestingly during that time, C++Builder 6 continued to
sell very well and sold almost as many copies as C++Builder 3 and 5, the two
best selling C++Builder releases of all time. As CodeGear, C++Builder is
back in a big way with C++Builder 2007 and we have multiple minor updates
planned each year, and major version releases planned every year with no
plans to stop or slow down - there are many important things to do for C++
developers in the next several years. We plan to grow and beat the v3, v5,
and v6 stats over the next several releases."


Anonymous said...

active registrations seems like an over-reach. I know I have a few old c++builder licenses, and they are totally unused to this day.

I would be impressed, however, if you set a sales record as the current financial quarter numbers speak poorly for sales of either product, and I'm guessing all products combined probably did not exceed 35,000 units for the quarter.

With a number of people buying software assurance, and the next version coming out so quick, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess we aren't going to see a sudden sales surge until it is time to renew SA licenses bought when D2007 was relesed.

Chris Bensen said...

I neglected to mention that the data was normalized so they would count users in your situation as one C++Builder user.

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