Monday, August 6, 2007

Poll: What Version of Delphi are You Using?

Last week I learned there are far more Delphi readers of this blog than any other. Like I didn't know that before but it's always good to know your audience. So this week I'd like to find out what version of Delphi you are using. If you are using any version other than Delphi 2007 please drop a comment because I'm really curious why. The poll will close on Sunday so I can open up another one next Monday.

Update: Results from the last poll

What is your favorite programming language?

89 - Object Pascal
8 - C#
1 - C++
1 - Java


Anonymous said...

Where are the results for the last poll?

Curtis said...

It a simple reason really, delphi 6 has everything i need. The only reason why im considering the upgrade to 2007 is because of the new IDE features (though i would have liked an improved type library editor). Most of my project development is COM based so v6 does everything i need it to do.

m said...

Maybe it's just me, but the results of that last poll are of extremely dubious value. Asking what is your favourite programming language on a blog principally read by Delphi Programmers sounds like asking Catholics which is their favorite religion

Chris B. said...


Thanks for the feedback. By any chance have you tried any of the trials of Delphi 2007?

Chris B. said...


Sure it's dubious, but don't you find it interesting that 8% of the readers that responded of this primarily Delphi blog prefer C#?

Curtis said...

Hi Chris,

Yes i have tried the trial of 2007 and i was quite impressed with it. All of my projects compiled without any issues (which i expected) and i found some of the new features really cool. Like i said in my last post the only thing in Delphi that i would like to see improved is the type library editor as i find it a bit buggy in v6, for example how it does not update certain changes to methods back in the code. I will be moving to 2007 though for sure.

And off topic a bit, can i just say that its great to find a blog that talks about COM so much. A lot of programmers write off COM as an option in their projects opting for other less suitable technologies all because of the fact that they are afraid that COM is going to die in the near future. When talking with a microsoft representative at a TechEd here in Australia, he agreed with me that COM is not going to be dropped by microsoft any time soon and that programmers are too quick in dropping technologies in favour of the latest and greatest toy pushed out by the guys at Redmond. Because of this i think microsoft need to make this clearer to the programming community so that they can make much wiser choices when it comes to choosing technologies they use in their designs.

Anyway enough of my complaining. Great blog! Keep it going.

Chris B. said...


Glad you like the blog.

If you have any favorite Delphi 2007 bugs (it sounds like you have some TLE bugs) enter them into QC with steps. Feel free to sent me the QC number.

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