Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September Photo of the Month

Copyright © 2007 Chris Bensen. All rights reserved.

It's that time again, the first of the month and time for a new photo. This months photo I took over the Labor Day weekend just days ago in Yosemite National Park. Click on the photo to see it larger. The photo is of a Western Screech-Owl that I tracked down over and managed to get really close to snap this great photo. This is a case where the latest technology allowed me to take a photo that wouldn't have been possible just a few years ago. The photo is taken with a 400mm hand held at f5.6, 1/50th, ISO 800 with image stabilization. What a surprise it was to get home last night to find this one sharp photo.


Unknown said...

Excellent photo! What make of camera was used?

Chris Bensen said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks! I used a Canon 1D Mark II and a Canon 100-400mm IS lens. You can see what's in my equipment bag here.

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