Thursday, November 29, 2007

Epson Printer Compatibility with Leopard

A while back I talked about why I'm not upgrading to Leopard just yet and one of the big road blocks for me is the lack of printer support. Epson announced today via a FAQ that can be read here that they will be releasing a driver for most of the Epson professional printers including my Epson 4800. You can download a beta of the driver here. That's great news but I have a few friends that have the very expensive Epson 7600 that will not get an updated driver. I'm surprised at Epson considering how much one of these printers cost. I'll think twice the next time I recommend an Epson printer to anyone. Considering the fact that I've had two Epson 2200 printers die and my 4800 has firewire problems I'll think twice about buying another Epson myself. I continue hear great things about the latest generation of HP and Canon printers.


Anonymous said...

Chris I have to agree with you. As the owner of a 7600 I am very disappointed to hear that Epson will not provide a full-featured driver to work with Leopard. I have been looking at the possibility of upgrading to a larger printer and right now HP is looking very interesting. I presently have 4 Epson printers.
Craig Forrest

Chris Bensen said...


The HP and Canon printers are looking really good. It will be interesting to see who takes the lead, but I agree, HP is looking like a great printer. Easy to use, nice set of features.

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