Friday, November 2, 2007

November Photo of the Month

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In October the Monarch Butterflies start arriving in Santa Cruz at Natural Bridges State Park and feed upon the abundant Milkweed plants in the area. They don't start to cluster in the grove until later in the year at which point they will reproduce and die.

This photo was taken this year just when they arrived using a 500mm lens, a 1.4x extender and an extension tube (to make the lens a macro lens) on a full frame Canon 5D for an effective focal length of 700mm.

I've added a link on the side bar to all the photos of the month for your convenience.

Update: I accidentally deleted the photo over the weekend but it's back now.

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thomas pfister said...

great photo and remembered me about my visit of this place in Santa Cruz last year; I've enjoyed the butterflies there!

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