Friday, January 4, 2008

A Quick Look Back at 2007

Looking back over the Google Analytics statistics this blog has accumulated over the last year, I wanted to bring up a few things I found interesting.

My spelling has gotten better since the first post. I'm sure all the good spellers out there have rejoiced.

Most people read this blog Monday through Thursday. Saturday and Sunday are the slowest days, no surprise there, but Friday isn't far behind.

Google AdSense revenue more than doubled since adding a banner at the top of the site. I don't make much money off the site, but something is better than nothing.

The top 5 locations are:

United States
United Kingdom

California alone would be second in the list due to the Silicon Valley and Scotts Valley is the most popular city, so obviously coworkers are one of the most active readers. But there are way more readers located in Scotts Valley then we have employees in CodeGear, so obviously there are some other Delphi fans out there browsing the web from Scotts Valley. In Germany Munich is the most popular location with Berlin a close second. In United Kingdom we have London by a landslide. The Netherlands is a very close to United Kingdom in numbers and Amsterdam has the win for top readership. And in Canada we have Toronto and Montreal.

By far Windows is the king of the Operating Systems, with Mac at 4% and Linux way at the bottom. 5 iPods, 2 iPhones, 1 Nintendo Wii, 1 Playstation Portable and 1 Sun workstation have visited the blog.

The top 5 screen resolutions are: 1280x1024, 1024x768, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1280x800.

The posts that become popular sometimes surprises me. Here are the top 5 posts in 2007.

Upgrading Delphi
String Parameters in Delphi
Delphi Tips And Tricks: CoInitialize/CoUninitialize Part III
The Coolest Pull-up Bar
Help Examples

My pull-up bar post was way more popular than I could have possibly imagined. Maybe I should post more about making things such as the French drains I installed in my backyard (which are working fabulously with the current storm), or how I installed a water softener, or maybe even about the remodel of our master bedroom that has taken way way too long. Have a baby and everything is put on hold. Maybe baby tips and tricks would be popular. Anyway, it's got me thinking.


Steffen Friismose said...

Nice, my Wii made it on the list :-)

Reading blogs on the Wii in front of the TV is actually quite good. Google Reader has a special interface for Wii.

Anonymous said...

The reason you have more readers in Scotts Valley could be because some CodeGear employees read from both work and home.

Chris Bensen said...


It made me chuckle to myself that a Wii is used to read this blog. The Wii is so cool I might just have to pick one up if I can find one.

Chris Bensen said...


I thought of that too. Considering most of us have 2-3 computers and a computer at home that might account for the extremely high numbers, it obviously makes that most sense. But the numbers are extremely high so I don't think we'll ever know exactly what is happening here.

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