Monday, June 9, 2008

C++Builder Applications in the Wild

About 8 years ago the Missus worked for Santa Cruz Environment Health Services sampling the water at all the local beaches. It was a pretty cool job where she drove around Santa Cruz visiting each beach, kicked off her shoes and got a sample of water. Environmental Health Services wanted to display a graph of the amount of E. coli Bacteria and Enterococcus in the water samples on their website. So I spent a few hours writing a simple tool for them called the Poop Plotter using C++Builder. Turns out, it's still being used!

Check out the graph by going to Water Quality Reports and scrolling down to the "Trends for Weekly-Sampled Sites" section. You can also see a more detailed graph of each beach by selecting a beach from the table above.

So if your gonna go for a swim you might want to avoid Capitola, Natural Bridges, and the Boardwalk.

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