Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Photo of the Month

Old Army Pass

Copyright © 2008 Chris Bensen. All rights reserved.

I just got back from a 10 day backpacking trip (my daughter calls it pack packing) only to discover that world financial markets had melted down. I went to Sequoia National Park and Inyo National Forest in and around the base of Mt Whitney. We went up through Cottonwood Lakes, over New Army Pass, down Rock Creek, up over Guyot Pass with the craziest little big trees I've ever seen, got stuck in a thunder storm with rain, no wait, hail, no wait, snow, and made it to Crabtree Meadow where you can see Mt Whitney. The next day we heard a dozen helicopters lift people off Mt Whitney because the storm came in unexpected. Then we went down to the Kern river where I got bit up by mosquitoes and almost a rattle snake. On the Kern we soaked in the most disgusting bathtub filled by a hot springs I've ever seen but felt like a million bucks and then hiked out. I started the trip out with a 55lb pack, but ended the trip with a 65lb pack even after eating all my food because we had such a hellacious hike that I took everyone's heavy stuff like water still averaging 2.5mph according to the GPS. Now I have to figure out how to type again.

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