Friday, February 20, 2009

Delphi Live!

I just opened up a poll (you can view it on the sidebar), to see how many readers of this blog will be attending Delphi Live! I'll be there at least one day giving talks and milling around.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I won't be there. But count me in for Delphi events closer to [my] home like The Netherlands, UK or Sweden for example.

Anonymous said...

If Bob is not there I won't be there for sure ;)

Anonymous said...


It would certainly help deciding about signiing up for the pre-post conference tutorials if a description of the tutorials was listed.

Also, the dates for the cutoff for early-bird pricing are not listed either

Chris Bensen said...


Bummer! Maybe next time.

Chris Bensen said...


I can only assume that the tutorials and talks are still being decided since today is the cutoff date for submissions. I'll ask around about the cutoff date for the early-bird special price.

Anonymous said...

My company is not going to pay for a conference. I was told I could attend at my own expense. Most likely I am going to Delphi Tour Live at NY City in March.

Anonymous said...

The Call for Papers is basically closing over the weekend. So far we've got more than 100 submissions. I think we've most of the "known faces" on the list - except Bob ;-)

We will be reviewing all proposals during the next week. I expect the first speakers/sessions to be announced by end of next week.

Even if the call for papers is about to close already, you still may send me an email, if you missed the call and got some cool ideas for sessions.

We are speciffically still looking for sessions about professional game development with Delphi. We got 2 submissions in that area and would possibly add a "Game Dev" track - if there is enough interest.

Olaf Monien
DelphiLive! Advisory Board
olaf at monien dot net

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