Friday, August 13, 2010

Sneak Peek - COM Registration

The menu items Run | Register ActiveX Server and Run | Unregister ActiveX Server have been changed. There is now one menu item under the Run menu called ActiveX Server with three sub menu items:

Register for Current User

Register for Current User will do just as it says. Handy if your IDE is installed on a UAC system or you need to test in an environment that will be running under UAC. The entire COM registration system has been adapted to account for things registered for current users. This means if you register something for current user then go to import it it will show up in the list.

Another handy feature is the above menu items handle local servers. No longer do you have to set the run parameters with /regserver.

tregsvr.exe now has the parameter -s for "Register or unregister for current user".


LDS said...

tlibimp or tregsvr?

Chris Bensen said...

@LDS - fixed, thanks

TP said...

I assume this is coming in BuilderX? What about building COM servers in Builder 2009? We need to restore this functionality in a sim we migrated from Builder 6 to Builder 2007, so we're looking at moving on to 2009 (AnsiString warts and all).

Any advice?

Chris Bensen said...

@TP - this is currently shipping in C++Builder XE and Delphi XE. Unfortunately C++Builder 2009 and Delphi 2009 do not fully support UAC. Sorry.

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