Monday, November 24, 2014

Safety Razor

For all those that shave, I have started down the safety razor journey. Gillette gave me my first razor when I turned 18, and I've tried other razors but the Mach 3 has been my go-to razor ever since. I'm still a total newb to safety razors only having tried one twice to date, but those two shaves have been the best shaves of my entire life! I remember the day when my Grandfather switched from a safety razor to an electric for convenience. Old stuff is sometimes the best.

This safety razor thing seems to be very up coming hipster and there are a lot of options and sky is the limit on what you can spend. I settled on the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor 38c. Blades are about 6 cents vs $2 or more for Gillette cartridges. Harry's is an interesting option that I might try one day.

The safety razor shave is better for sensitive skin and there are a lot of options for shaving creams which I've just started to research.

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