Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cookies notification in European Union countries

Apparently there's some law in the European Union that requires me (the blogger) to inform you (the blog reader) if I use cookies and if so what I do with them. I do not use cookies. I only publish little tidbits of information and interesting things I find interesting and useful. But this blog is hosted by Blogger which is owned by Google, and Google does use cookies. Here is what Google does with your cookies. I also have Amazon ads on this blog. However I need to find some time to remove them as I haven't been receiving any money due to something I forgot to read or do. I don't know what their link to using cookies is but I'm sure they do just as much as Google. There's also some map thing on the sidebar that I'm sure uses cookies and sells your information. And in the future I may add other widgets that use cookies. Rest assured if you are viewing this blog with a web browser someone somewhere is using a cookie and storing it in Big Data. If they aren't then your ISP is harvesting your data and tracking what you do. If they aren't then some government somewhere is and they also know what kind of underwear you buy. There is also a small chance that some hacker community out there is storing your data. I like to call these bad hackers Bad Data. So rest assured none of this is happening by me. All I do is look at the pretty graphics that Google provides to see if anyone in the world read this blog.

If you want to know how to delete your cookies click here. If you want to disable cookies in which the entire internet stops working click here. No it really doesn't stop working but they will bug you into turning them back on! So instead, browse in incognito mode by going here.

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