Friday, May 9, 2008

Embarcadero Day 3

I've received quite a few emails and a couple comments about my post yesterday "Goodbye Borland Hello Embarcadero Day 2". It's obvious that my dry sense of humor was lost on nearly everyone. Obviously people thing I'm stupider than I look. Wait, that didn't come out right. My spelling comment of Embarcadero was a joke! My attempt at humor. Sorry if it confused anyone. Yes I can pronouns Embarcadero and yes I can spell it. But it does take a bit of thinking to get it right. Maybe I'm pathetic at spelling (which is true) or maybe your just great at it and won the spelling B! I even know that Embarcadero meant "warf" in spanish. There's a lot of things called Embarcadero in San Francisco and here's a map to the new Head Quarters. Especially compared to CodeGear, Embarcadero is a mouthful.

But seriously, I guess my point is if this is the biggest issue, then everything will be just fine!


Pato said...

And to prove your point, you misspelled "pronounce" :)

Chris Bensen said...


;) Funny? Too subtle?

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