Thursday, May 8, 2008

Goodbye Borland Hello Embarcadero Day 2

Yesterday was an amazing day. You can read all about it on various blogs David I, Allen Bauer, Nick Hodges, Marco Cantu, Greg Keller and my very short first post on the subject. You can also read the largest newsgroup post about it here.

I wanted to write a bit more than my very brief post yesterday about my day 2 on the whole subject. Well first off, I can finally spell Embarcadero. Now I just fumble on it a little bit. It's a finger twister, but eventually it rolls off the left hand.

Everyone in the office appears to be happy about the sale. The first thing said to me this morning was "Good morning fellow Embarcaderian".

I've worked at Borland for a long time now so I'm sad to say goodbye to Borland. But I'm excited to say hello to Embarcadero. Change can lead to new opportunities and possibilities. Looking at the Embarcadero portfolio of software and knowing what we have at CodeGear the future looks bright. I can't wait to meet all my new coworkers. When's the party?


Lex Li said...

Just find out how to pronounce the name correctly from

Albert Research said...

For us Catalans (where Pau Gasol "L.A. Lakers" is from), it is bery easy to spell... Embarcadero... do you know what it means ? It is a place where the ship's park. ;-)
I see that everyone is much excited about this... but for me it is sad to loose the Borland part of the name Borland Delphi.. But anyway nothing is ethernal... lets await how thinks go on..

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