Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Windows really Needs

I've been using Windows 7 beta and now the RC since the beginning of the year. Today I had to tweak some things that I'm surprised weren't just working out of the box when I realized something. Every version of Windows just piles more into the Control Panel without changing what shipped in the previous version. The dialog that shipped in the previous version becomes the "advanced" version and a new version is introduced, possibly with some of the same options. Way back in Windows 95 many of the properties dialogs made sense, but today it takes a couple dialogs to get to those old crusty ones.

Also, whoever made the decision to set the menus to be left handed by default is a strange duck.

Update: After looking at this for some time this is a few different things that caused some strange results. A bug in Windows, a bug in Delphi action menus and a really odd setting behavior on Windows.


Giel said...

I think the menus being lefthanded is because of "touch": if a righthanded person pops up a menu that goes to the right he won't see it because it's covered by his hand.

Chris Bensen said...


I thought so too. But changing the option only affects some windows and not all of them are going to the left. It's just odd so it must be a choice or a bug.

Chris Bensen said...

We were just looking at this and figured out what was going on. There are a few bugs and some odd behavior by Windows.

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