Monday, January 15, 2007

Completed My Delphi Blog Move

I just completed the move of the relevant posts from my CodeGear blog to here. This will now allow me to produce more content on a regular basis.


Albert Research said...

Thank you for your effords. I found really interesting the Side by Side COM Registration. I will give it a test.

PD: I just visited your web and found your pictures awesome. Congratulations !!!

Chris Bensen said...

I have a lot more information that I will be blogging about in Part II for Side by Side registration. I have been wanting to do Part II for some time.

Thanks for the kind words about my photography. I'm in the process of putting more up so check back soon. I'll post something here when I get my Yellowstone Winter photos up from last February and a whole lot more.

Hallvards New Blog said...

Just FYI, Chris, the blogspot url in your "This Blog Has Moved" post at your old blogs.codegear blog is invalid.

Chris Bensen said...

Doh, I didn't put the http:// so the .TEXT blog server added the default blog domain. Thanks for the heads up!

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