Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Apple Commercial for Vista

This is by far the funniest Mac PC ad yet. My copy of Vista is on it's way. I can't wait!

Update YouTube took the commercial down. You can go to the Apple website to watch them www.apple.com/getamac/ads". This one is called Security.


Albert Research said...

Alloowww ;-)

Funny commercial... We all know that Windows has many security issues... but when the amount of mac's will be the same as windows, I am quite sure that they will have similar problems.

Chris Bensen said...

Rule #1, if it's funny you have to laugh :)

Every system has security holes, and as you stated the more of any system the more those holes will be exploited. Two advantages for Mac though, no ActiveX and it is hardned out of the box.

Albert Research said...

You are right !!! ActiveX is a pain (if we talk about security) but as developer it has helped me a lot at the very beginning when I had to develop our intranet. At those times I was quite fund of ActiveX, when I had no other technologies available to solve some questions.
I have tested Vista RC2 and to be honest I like it. Of course that's a very personal opinion and I haven't tested the final version but I rather think it is a good OS. The fact is that it is so easy to jump on the anti-microsoft train nowadays... But don't missunderstand me ;-) I am aware of the problems of Windows. Just to explain me out... for example for me the Best Server OS is Windows 2003 (for me ;-) and the best development IDE of course Delphi. The fact is that I haven't tested much a MAC so I can't give my opinion of it... anyway the commercial is really funny ;-)

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