Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Side-by-Side COM Registration Part II

I've been meaning to expand on Part I of Side-by-Side COM Registration for some time but other things have gotten in the way. The major road block is getting Side-by-Side working 100%. I can get it working in the simple case, even the complex case, but not the super complex case. In other words, the Delph IDE. Until then I don't want to increase the amount of misinformation out there on the subject, and believe me, there really is a lot. Of misinformation that is. One valuable piece of information has been recently published on MSDN Manifest Files Reference. Believe it or not, the information up on MSDN until this article went up was wrong. Thus far I'm glad to say I haven't posted any misinformation, just not enough to actually get Side-by-Side working in a complex case.


Unknown said...

Just read your posting and thought this would be an answer to the installation problems I have with Crystal Reports. At least for XP and higher.

But if I understood your posting correctly (sorry, didn't read the Microsoft article yet) this wouldn't work for COM objects referencing other COM objects. Or would it?

It is an interesting subject. Too bad there are not so many (readable) articles.

How about the demo application you promised in part one? ;-)


vavan said...

any chance you will explain how to create manifest for midas-based client app?

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