Friday, March 23, 2007

Application Performance Increases When Built With Delphi 2007

As I've stated earlier, in a four part series about the new help, the help system is now built using Doc-O-Matic. Chris White and I are working with Markus Spoettl of toolsfactory where we decreased the built time of our help from more than 12 hours to just over 3 hours. Recently Marcus upgraded from Delphi 2005 to Delphi 2007 and sent us the new version of Doc-O-Matic and we noticed the built went from just over 3 hours to about 1.5 hours! That is over a 50% increase in performance. As it turns out there were a few performance enhancements made between Delphi 2005 and Delphi 2007. In Delphi 2006 we started shipping with the popular FastMM decreasing memory fragmentation which is a huge benefit when loading 30,000 XML files. And now in Delphi 2007 we ship some of the super popular Fastcode string comparison routines! This is simply awesome!


Fernando Madruga said...

Those are great news indeed!

On a side note, shouldn't you say that you "decreased" the build time instead? It's just that "where we increased the built time of our help from more than 12 hours to just over 3 hours", just doesn't sound right! :)

Chris Bensen said...

Hi Fernando Madruga,

Good catch. Fixed!

Unknown said...

Are you saying that run-time performance matters?

This is a good case of eat your own dog-food. Hope this will lead to even more performance enhancements in the future.

Give us Delphi with power in performance and clarity in code.

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