Monday, March 5, 2007

Delphi Dogfooding

One of the exciting things about CodeGear is the ecosystem that has been built up around. The C/C++ compiler is used build the C/C++ compiler. The C/C++ compiler is used to build the Delphi compiler. Delphi is used to build the IDE (sure the IDE is also built with C/C++, C# and J#, but it primarily is Object Pascal). Then all you Delphi customers out there build all the fabulous products and plugins like Doc-O-Matic and InstallAware that we are able to use to build more Delphi! There are of course other cool applications like Skype.

I know I'm leaving out a whole laundry list of applications written with Delphi. These were just the first few that came to mind because I was using them today.


RompeTecla said...

I'm sure CG can do more dogfooding by gradually elimating .Net dependencies, J#??? I'm pretty sure CG can.

Please let the community help you. We'll be happy.

Go CG!!

Chris Bensen said...


Unfortunately or fortunately depending, on how you look at it, .NET is probably here to stay. I too am not totally happy with J#, but it has allowed us to reuse code that would have taken much longer to rewrite. At the end of the day we have learned how important COM Interop is. And everyone said COM was dead :)

Community involvment is key to Delphi's success. Go Delphi Community!

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