Friday, March 16, 2007

Late Nights And Early Mornings at CodeGear

As you all (probably) know we've been putting in some very late nights and early mornings working on the finishing touches for Delphi 2007. Everyone has been drinking lots of extra coffee, hot chocolate, tee and soda just to stay awake. I guess this didn't have the desired affect management was looking for so David I brought in a crate of Twinkies. Seriously, at least 30 boxes. I don't know what happened but I came in yesterday morning to find my neighbor David Lock crowned Twinkie Boy King! Now they are even easier for people to get to as they walk by reach hand out and grab. No more walking ot the break room and bending over to pick up the unsuspecting Twinkie. Around hear I hear Ho-Hos are better than Twinkies. What's your favorite snack?


Holger said...

From the US I cannot make up my mind between Jelly Beans (49 flavours last time I had them) and Oreos. However, I just like to wash it down with a cool root beer :-)

Arcturus said...

My favorite: Dark chocolate covered coffee beans. They are extremely addictive. Take a bunch of these plus a cup of coffee and I can assure you that you'll stay awake for a long time.


Abdul Alhazred said...

those are jelly bellies. Watch out for the harry potter branded ones. they have vomit, snot, soap, dirt, ear wax, dishwater, among others.

Unknown said...

Fruit biscuit (bos vructhen and tropische vructhen) from Albert Heijn supermarket in NL, this is how I survive debug days from 9:00 morning till 5:00 the next morning (and work start again at 9:00). OK, this is on days when embedded C programming is really bad (I wish you could run Delphi on embedded systems).

Anyway about the fruit biscuits: Not just are they reasonable non fat, they taste well and even really cheap. 99 EUR cent for 5*3 biscuits. Whenever I take a tour to Masstricht in NL I usually buy 50-60 packs (until the shelf is empty in the supermarket).

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