Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Color Management On Vista

I noticed the other day that in the Vista control panel there is a Color Management icon. So I started reading around and found information on Wikipedia about Vista's color management:

"A more open-concept, platform-independent view of color management is the use of an ICC-compatible color management system. The International Color Consortium (ICC) is an industry consortium which has defined an open standard for a Color Matching Module (CMM) at the OS level, and color profiles (ICC profiles) for the devices and working space. Beginning with Windows Vista, color management in Windows will be handled at the OS level through an ICC V4-compatible color management standard and API known as Windows Color System. Apple's Mac OS X and the classic Mac OS have long been capable of such color management which is called ColorSync."

I'm at a conflict here. Color management under all previous versions of Windows was a crap shoot and not consistent between computers. My wife is also an Scientific Illustrator and Artist and printing to our shared Epson 4800 with Windows resulted in many color problems. Then there is the font problem with Windows where you need print fonts and screen fonts. So all of these problems caused us to switched doing all my photography and my wife's art to a Mac a few years ago. I'm glad Windows users finally get color management with Vista, but I'm afraid I still don't recommend photographers using it due to my post last night. It would be all too easy to mess up an important photo using Vista.


Fernando Madruga said...

I wouldn't be surprised if their ICC support was buggy too! :)

Also, for those on Windows XP computers, here's a nice free applet from MSFT:

Chris Bensen said...

I had tried the Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP once, but there are two problems: apps don't currently use it and one has to rely on the video card drivers of which not all of them provide color profiling or tie into this system.

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