Thursday, May 31, 2007

Applications Running on My Computer

Yesterday I was asked by a coworker about one of the applications that I had running so I thought I'd make a list of applications that I frequently use for programming (in no particular order):

For non-development related tasks such as communication, music and web browsing I regularly use: What applications do you use? Are there better applications out there that I'm missing out on? I hate Outlook (and I hate using the word hate) but last time I used Thunderbird, the CodeGear IMAP server left something to be desired. Update: 11-19-2010 Late last year I switched to using Take Command Console LE.


Fernando Madruga said...

Nice to see you're a command-liner! :)

As for Outlook, it's not that bad, particularly in the 2003 version. I love it even though it could be better in many ways but it has worked flawlessly for me. Like you, I've tried others, mostly to try and have a single program for mail and news (I hate Outlook Express!), but they simply are too lacking once you get spoilt by MSFT with Outlook! :)

Rossen Assenov said...

File management : FileCommander ( or FAR Manager (

Beyond Compare for file diff (

Launchy for making the start menu obsolete (

Watching "TV" - Democracy Player (

Chat - Miranda ( + Off-the-Record (OTR) (

IronMan said...

Finding graphics files: Picassa from Google

Screen Capture: FastStone (

Virtual PC: MS Virtual PC 2007

Capturing colour numbers: Instant Eyedropper (

Anthony said...

I'm not liking Outlook to much either anymore... Anyone know of any good alternatives? Seriously... :-)

For web stuff... there are a lot of good editors out there but this one by far has been the best for me... WeBuilder 2007...!

Steffen Friismose said...

Google Desktop for seaching.


TotalCommander (4NT is wonderful too)

Araxis Merge

Micke said...

You should take a look at Altap Salamander. (

It is a file manager tool for those of us who just cant live without Norton Commander.

Anonymous said...

For a text editor windows replacement look at notepad2

Chris Bensen said...

Fernando, Outlook has a lot of quirks, especially filtering and searching. Firebird was pretty good the last time I used it. My favorite mail client is currently Mail on the Mac, but it has some quirks as well.

Chris Bensen said...

Anthony, another web authoring tool that I've used in the past, besides Dreamweaver, is 1st Page 2000 (

Anonymous said...

For the Editor, have a look at NOTEPAD++

For Diff and Merge: WinMerge

Anonymous said...

I use Copernic instead of Google Desktop(and it's written in Delphi)

I tried google but Copernic was better, I don't know how the Google desktop now

Anonymous said...

Some ones I use:

PDF Reader: Foxit (Freeware)

PDF Print driver: PrimoPDF (Freeware)

RSS: GreatNews (Freeware)

File Management: Directory Opus (Not free, but worth it)

Shortcuts: Colibri (Freeware)

Source Code: Perforce (Free for single developer)

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