Thursday, May 10, 2007

Biking to Work

I finally rode my bike in to work this morning for the first time this year. Got in before 7am, which is my best time for programming. A few years ago when I moved to Scotts Valley I biked to work all the time. I stopped last year after my wife had the supper 11lb 4oz baby and I needed every minute to help out.

The funny thing is my commute (I call it a commute but friends that actually have one laugh at me) is 8 minutes on a good day 15 on a bad day and takes about as long on a bike. Last month I picked up a Nike C8 Heart Rate Monitor which I used this morning. It's really great to have when working out and I highly recommend the Nike C8 for anyone with a large wrist.

Sanjay Banerjee one of our C++ compiler engineers just commented on my out dated 1998 Gary Fisher HooKooEKoo hard tail mountain bike currently sitting in my office with dirt all over it from my last muddy ride to Nisene Marks Sand Point. I guess it's a bit dated but it works great for me. Tis the season for summer mountain biking in Santa Cruz Mountains. I wish I had a photo from Sand Point to put right here. I'll have to take one and post it for those who have never seen the view.


Unknown said...

garmin Edge 305 is the only way to go

Chris Bensen said...

The Garmin Edge is a nice bike computer and GPS. I have a friend with one. I run a lot which is why I choose the Nike C8. I've also lost a few bike computers from uh, accidents , so I wanted something that didn't live on the handlebars :)

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