Monday, May 14, 2007

Delphi 2007 Version Compiler Directive

I've been asked a few times what compiler directive to use with Delphi 2007. Since Delphi 2007 is a non-breaking release of the compiler and VCL use VER180 But since there are differences, especially with VCL having to do with Vista, you can target Delphi 2007 specificially with VER185.


Bruce McGee said...

Xepol said...

I wish the stock defines were hard coded into code insight. That way they would be easier to find.

You can't rely on the help files to find them any more (and it was something of a challenge in the past).

It would be nice to invoke code insight after a $IFDEF and at least get the stock defines there. Perhaps anything in the project options conditional defines as well. It is probably too much to ask the compiler to remember all the $DEFINE and $IFDEF symbols it as already seen up to that point for code insight, but that would be useful too.

Chris Bensen said...

bruce, I hadn't seen that site before. Thanks for the link.

xepol, great idea! The reason I posted this is because I noticed today that the compiler conditionals page is blank. Doh!

Xepol said...

Yes, it probably can't be stressed enough how useless the current help files are and how important it is that CodeGear consider releasing updates sooner than the next version.

I understand that staff has been hired to work on the help, and while some may take that as a sign that we should stop complaining, it would at least appear possible to ship interm updates, and that would seem more likely if we all keep compaining as asking for updates.

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