Thursday, May 17, 2007

The New Google Analytics

I just got and email from Google:

“We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the
Google Analytics reporting interface. Since you are an existing
user, you will automatically be upgraded - there is no action
required on your part.”

After reading these first two sentences I went over to Google Analytics to check it out. The information Google Analytics provides has always been great, but now it looks great too. One of the reasons I moved my blog to Blogger was to give me a chance to play around with some of these nifty tools. You could say it’s research. If you are thinking about using Google Analytics on your website or blog, go check out the tour

And if you do add Google Analytics to your website and users with 520-bit depth color displays start browsing your website, apparently it's a conspiracy.

Update: I wanted to clarify that Google Analytics can be used by any website or webpage. It isn't a requirement that your site be hosted by Blogger.


Steve said...

One clarification, there is no requirement that your site be hosted by Google via Blogger or any other Google service to use Analytics.

Btw, there is no way to leave a comment if you're not logged into blogger here on your blog. Not quite sure how you control that but I've used other blogger blogs where that was not a requirement.

Chris Bensen said...


Good point. Google Analytics can be used on any website or blog.

I had some spam coming in and no time to deal with it. I'll turn the login requirement off and see how it works.

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