Friday, May 25, 2007

What do you Want to Know?

I have plenty of topics to blog about, but I thought I'd take a moment to ask the readers of this blog if there are any questions that you'd like to see answered. If you have a question please submit the questions in comments below. I'll answer as many as I can.


Fernando Madruga said...

Other than when is Delphi 2007's help hotfix coming out, anything will do!

Anonymous said...

I am interested in news about the support of .NET 2 in the upcoming Highlander release and if there is anything planned for briding the two worlds (e.g. embedding Winform Controls in Win32 TForms, like Managed VCL or Hydra does)

Xepol said...

What can we do to convince CodeGear to seperate the Delphi help back out from the microsoft help?

At least for the win32 stuff, and it currently provides a completely unsearchable mishmash that almost never provides relevant delphi results.

That aside, can someone convince CodeGear to release ANY help fixes already done? Anything would be an improvement..

Anonymous said...

As a developer, I find it very hard to catch up with the compatibility issues from Delphi version to version, especially, with the third party components. I bought Delphi 2007, but, end up not using it because of the subtle incompatibilities with some Delphi 2006 third party components. Codegear claims that it's a non-breaking release. Everything compiles fine, but, some strange GUI behavior can be quite challenge to catch.

Is there anyway Codegear can come up with a web page that lists component incompatibilties from Delphi version to version where developers/component developers can post their own findings?

Markus Rohlof said...

Are there any news about the problem that COM+ objects can cause a loader-lock when startet from Component Services?

What about the Wizard for the Transactional Datamodul - why is this Wizard not available in Delphi 2007?

Is the COM+ technology out of CodeGears focus?

What about the future of midas? Will the source code be available any time?

Chris Bensen said...

Great questions everyone. I've now come to the conclusion that I have 5 readers! :) But seriously, I'll answer the questions that I can in future posts.

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