Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Useful Applications As Suggested by Blog Readers

A few weeks ago I listed the programs that I use on my computer and there were a bunch of comments with additional useful tools. Thanks to all of those who left comments. I thought I'd bring them to the top level of the blog for others to read in case they haven't read all the comments of that other post. So here are links to all of those tools:

File management

Version Control

  • Perforce

    File comparison

    File Editing

    Launch Tools

    Web Authoring


    Virtual Machine


    RSS Reader


    Update: Added TextPad to the list of text editors.


    Anonymous said...

    OT: Love the photos. but note that the link is not valid (below the buffalo pic:

    You forgot the Http:// prefix so it directs to:

    Chris Bensen said...

    Thanks about the photos and I fixed the link. I made that mistake once before ;)

    CharlesWT said...

    Text file editor: TextPad

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