Friday, July 13, 2007

Running Windows and Delphi on a Mac

Developers running Windows and Delphi on a Mac has been an increasing trend around the office and posts on blogs lately from Dan Miser, David Glassborow and Steve Trefethen. Any given meeting is likely to be 50% Mac laptops.

I too have joined the masses but with a MacPro instead of a MacBook Pro. I don't like laptops. Sure they have their place, but I prefer to sit at a desk when I work and not have the monitor down where my hands are. I've been using a G5 Mac as my primary computer at home for the last few years to do my photography and personal computing. I use Remote Desktop to connect to my computer at work and my home Windows system (which is going away now). Remote Desktop leaves something to be desired. You can only run one instance unless you make a copy of the application, and it crashes, it crashes a lot.

The Missus and I have been taking some video of our daughter and when people ask how I made the DVD I start sounding like the Mac vs PC commercials. Yeah, iDVD, iMovie and Aperture just work and they are simple. Dead simple in fact. The experience is pretty good. Only problem I've had was my MacPro arrived DOA and it has been a mess dealing with customer service. Worst customer service experience I've ever had in fact. Going on a month and I'm still dealing with it.


Anonymous said...

Count me as another Mac convert. I use to use Macs at uni (and even owned an Apple II in high school) but then moved to PCs for my bread and butter. But I got pulled back into the Mac fold with the advent of Boot Camp. Now all I need is Delphi for Mac OS X!

Anonymous said...

Thats why pople like vmware made vmware fusion, so you can run other operating systems within your mac

Unknown said...

This is a little late, but I just found this while browsing for other Mac/Delphi converts. I'm a long-time Windows user and professional developer that converted to Mac earlier this year.

I've been using Delphi (and Visual Studio) under Parallels Desktop with great results. It's a fantastic combination.

Without trying to sound like a complete zealot, I can't see moving back to the Windows desktop again for my preferred development platform unless something drastic changes in the next few years.

Anyway...Delphi development is alive and well on my Mac.

Dave said...

Do I assume correctly that the only way to be able to enable someone to run a runtime .exe developed in Delphi on a Mac would be Parallels or VMWare?

Chris Bensen said...

Hi Dave,

I haven't personally tried but I do know people who have used Wine for OS X to run Windows Applications under Mac ( But...check this out:

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