Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Coolest Pull-up Bar

A few weeks ago I had a great idea, to put a pullup bar in my garage. Then I had an even better idea, to make it from those little hand holds they use on climbing walls. So I went to REI (my favorite store not only for the cool things but their generous return policy) picked up a set of climbing holds used to build a home climbing gym, drilled a hole in a 3/4" piece of plywood, bolted the two climbing holds to the plywood and screwed it to the beam in my garage.

I only wish the CodeGear building weren't made of only steal so I could put one of these over the doorway of my office to go along with my Bongo Board and Medicine Ball. My current medicine ball is an Everlasting that didn't quite last. The sand is coming out which makes a mess so I think I'll try one of these rubber Medicine Balls.


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea! In fact, I was just thinking about building a pull up bar last week, but didn't want to build some monstrosity out of pipes (as all the DIY guides suggested). I'll be making myself one of these very soon.

Chris Bensen said...

I didn't want the pipes either. And I love climbing walls. Only thing to be aware of is nice soft programmers hands don't do well on the rough combing grips. But I figure some calices will do me well.

Anonymous said...

I dont know it looks like it would be kinda difficult to hold on to.

Chris Bensen said...

I used the largest climbing grips I could find which are fairly comfortable to hold. I personally find it a bit easier than just a pipe. The surface is a bit rough to the touch which is my only complaint.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe the holds are supposed to be rough but if your hands being soft is essential to some part of your work just sand'em down.
Also if you want to get awesome finger, forearm, back and arm muscles go to your local climbing shop and get a hang-board.

Nice Idea

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