Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Missing Posts

Things have been a little hectic and I haven't had time to post. Sorry to say this blog is one of the first things on my list to get neglected when I need more time.

Maybe if you really want to read something you could read my post Fun with V-Tables to find out why you should upgrade to Delphi 2007 if you are still using Delphi 7 and importing Visual Basic or .NET type libraries don't work.

Or you could read Good COM Interop Practices which I wrote because nearly half the interop code I run across doesn't follow these steps which make things much easier.

You could also read about another cool thing called Side-By-Side but it doesn't work well enough which is why I only posted one post on the subject, Side By Side COM Registration Part I. Good from far but far from good.

Anyway, I hope to have more interesting posts in the near future but I've got to get back to writing code and it's past my bedtime.

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