Monday, August 20, 2007

New Canon Cameras

Today Canon Announced three new cameras. The first is the Canon G9 to replace the G7 I talked about here. I'm not sure where the G8 went but I guess they just skipped the version. The G9 now sports RAW and has a 12.1MP sensor.

The second camera announced is the Canon 40D which replaces the Canon 30D. It has a 10.1MP 14 bit ultra-low noise sensor, 3" rear LCD, new auto focus system, Live View, sensor dust cleaning, and 6.5 FPS for up to 75 frames of high quality JPG mode or 17 frames in RAW. Apparently it has some weather sealing around the CF and battery compartments but not around the buttons. Since the Nikon D200 was released every time I've been asked which camera to buy I couldn't recommend the 30D to people who didn't own Canon lenses. Now I think the Canon 40D is a comparable camera to the Nikon D200.

The third new camera is the 1Ds Mark III to replace the 1Ds Mark II which I predicted after the 1D Mark III was announced earlier this year. It has a 21.1MP 14 bit ultra-low noise sensor, 5 FPS for up to 45 frames of high quality JPG or 15 frames in RAW, Live View and sensor dusk cleaning. It'll cost what a small cheep car costs.

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