Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The SuProgrammer

Once you work at a company for a while there are responsibilities you can never shake. For some reason you just keep getting new tasks. This is where the SuProgrammer comes in. This would be akin to each programmer having an intern at their disposal, but responsible for specific tasks:

Debuggier - This is the SuProgrammer responsible for narrowing down each bug and getting it to that one line that takes hours to get to. Often times this involves stepping through loops dozens of times. Once the appropriate line is found and the problem narrowed down the Programmer would come in to solve the entire problem.

Mergenair - This is an expert in merging. No longer does the Programmer have to worry about multiple merges, branches, or merge conflicts. The Mergenair would handle all merging responsibilities with a sense of style.

Checkinair - The Checkinair handles comitting all files into the version control system taking special care to not break the build and cause any problems. The Checkinair would monitor that the fix actually solves the problem and notify if there was a problem.

Meetinair - Is an expert meeting attendee attending all meetings the Programmer doesn't want to attend.

Once a SuProgrammer studies under a programmer learning the trade they could use that and become popular enough, if their Programmer is popular, to get SuProgrammers of their own.

Okay, at some point soon I'll get serious again.


Unknown said...

I certainly could do with a Meetinair , you know!? ;-)

Servando Pestano said...

:-) It's the true...

Hey! Nices photos

from Santa Cruz (de Tenerife)
Canary Islands

Some slides remember me to my own land
(Teide Volcano and Teide National Park...)

Servando Pestano said...

_Nice_ photos...

(a lapsus)

Servando Pestano said...

Only one more post... ;-)

Best regards.

Chris Bensen said...


That's exactly why I put it Meetinair in the list. Although I didn't come up with it. One of our C++ compiler engineers gave me the idea.

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