Friday, September 21, 2007

Amazon Unbox

Since I don't have TV service (yes I do have a TV but it is only connected to a DVD player), if I have time and feel like it I've tried some videos from online services such as iTunes, NetFlix and now Amazon Unbox. The only reason for testing out Amazon Unbox was the new Bionic Woman pilot was free so I figured why not. Oh NBC why did you leave iTunes. Amazon Unbox had to reboot my computer 3 times each time not restarting the install, the UI is poor and the video quality is lacking. For half the show there was a horizontal line through the video and the sound was not in sync with the video. Note that I did run this over a VMWare VM running Windows XP on my MacPro. iTunes, NetFlix and many other applications and videos as a comparison point have had no such problems so I doubt it's the VM. Anyway, it was a mildly entertaining show that I won't be watching so here's a link to check it out for yourself:


Fernando Madruga said...

Where? (The link!)

Chris Bensen said...


There is a link to the free Bionic Woman UnBox episode at the bottom of the post. I also added one where I mention Bionic Woman.

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