Thursday, September 13, 2007

Delphi\C++ 2007 Bug Fixes

tregsvr now works on an Assembly again.

Import Component, browse GAC Assemblies now actually shows Assemblies! Recently I ran across Delphi users having problems with the Import Component Wizard thinking the wizard doesn't show any assemblies that are registered in the GAC. The truth of the matter is the Import Component Wizard displays assemblies registered in the GAC that have a CodeBase property, but the bug fix changed all this so any GAC assembly registered for 32-bit will show up (these are the Assemblies that live in the GAC_32 directory).

C++ Remote Data Module doesn't register each time it is run which caused problems for Vista or any limited user account. Note that the registration code (/regserver) caused the exception, but for some reason the unregistration code (/unregserver) does not throw an exception.

There is a bug where if you are working on a COM project all the units in your project would be opened taking considerable time and memory. This has now been fixed.

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