Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm not Upgrading to Leopard Just Yet

You'll never see me being the first one in line to upgrade my OS. I only upgrade once all critical applications work. Within the first few days I got a call from a friend who bought a new MacPro and couldn't get his Epson 7600 printer working with Leopard. Epson has enough printer driver issues, but I know of a number of other people having printer problems so I'm pretty sure there is a problem with Leopard. I also use Aperture and people have been having a lot of small but annoying problems. I'll just wait until the kinks are ironed out. I'll let other people be the guinea pigs. I'm on the forefront of too many other things.

Honestly though, I'm surprised how well Leopard does work right out of the box. I'd say this is a about as bug free of an OS release that I've seen.


dotado™ apparel said...
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dotado™ apparel said...

Has your friend resolved his Epson 7600 print issues? If so can he or you tell me how he did it. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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