Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October Photo of the Month

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The new photo for this October is a photo I found in my archives and have spent the better part of a day stitching together from 8 photos. I took this photo on a trip to Yellowstone National Park in February 2006. Yes, that is the dead of winter. I snow shoed and snow mobile all around the wonderful outdoor amusement park for the better part of two weeks and enjoyed every minute of the -40 below storms to 20 above crystal clear sky. This photo was taken at sunset while a really big storm came in and we had over an hour to get back to the west entrance. Try snowmobiling through a herd of Bison that have made camp on the middle of the road in -30 below temperatures trying to not bump into the big furry beasts. It was a blast!

You can view more of my Yellowstone photos by clicking here.

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François said...

Wonderful picture. Have been there during the summer and had to "share" the road with bisons... very impressive. So I can imagine in winter on a snowmobile...

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