Monday, March 3, 2008

CodeGear COM Contractor Needed

There is a job opening for a COM QA contractor available at CodeGear working on Delphi and C++. If you are interested contact me and I'll forward your information to the hiring manager.


Shawn Oster said...

Sounds promising. Any link with more job details?

I was just getting upset at COM the other day with side-by-side manifests so I whipped up a Delphi program to auto-generate those annoying manifests that need to resourced into your DLL for proper SxS. Wasn't too bad but I found my copy of Delphi COM invaluable.

Next step, allow post-build insertion of the compiled RES manifest into the EXE/DLL. It's extra fun because you have to grab the Common-Controls manifest out, smush it into your new assembly manifest and insert the whole shebang back into the binary. Neat.

Chris Bensen said...


It sounds like you have some qualifications. There aren't any details on the website yet so I can't send you a link. When I get more details I'll post them.

aphrael said...

Man .... isn't win32 *dead* yet?

[I'm *not* available. I'm working full time in a job I'm enjoying, and I'm going to law school. :)]

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