Friday, March 21, 2008

The Comment You Don't Want to See

Have you ever been looking through some code trying to figure out what it does and see something like this:

{ this is a bit of a hack }

This is (one of) the most unhelpful comments a person could write. Please don't do things like this in your code. Just describe why it's a hack and describe what should be done.


Bart Roozendaal said...

I once saw:
Don't know why this works. Don't touch it

unused said...

OK, now I feel like I am in a "one-upping" competition. I've seen both of those comments (same authors?), but this comment takes the cake:

{ Oh what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive . . . }

Although I used to quote poetry / Shakespeare / song Lyrics in some of my comments, but that was hobby code that only I would be maintaining. Hmm. . . maybe I am part of the problem then.

Anonymous said...

Why have meaningless comments when you can have even more meaningless identifiers - and no comments at all?

One of modules I'm currently maintaining has a few gems - like the following three string constant identifiers. The constants contain different messages that are printed in extreme low memory situations - hence the reference to life, death and physics - I guess...


Obviously the original author was a Trekkie - or maybe he just really liked The Firm.

Unknown said...

How about this one?

{TODO: This line is still a memory leak}

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