Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hey Dude, Nice Function Name

I'm just as guilty as the next programmer. Going through some code I wrote a few releases back in a bit of a rush and here's a nice little function:

procedure FixStuff(const Project: IProject; const FileName, CoClassName: string);


I think I'll at least rename it to FixComStuff. Fortunately FixStuff doesn't even compete with DoThings. Too bad there wasn't a comment:

{ Don't know why this works. Don't touch it }.


Unknown said...

ROFL - this is just as good as when I got a fixed bug that just said in the description: Fix this dialog - it looks like someone beat it with an ugly stick.

Xepol said...

Better than "foo" or "bar" I suppose.

Funny thing, if you start actually getting descriptive people start complaining about how much they have to type.

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