Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where's Chris?

I've received some emails asking if I was still alive on the account that I haven't blogged much over the last few months. Yes, I'm still alive thank you for your concern. With it being tax season, my daughter getting 8 teeth over the last month hence no sleep, and various other events, things have just gotten rather busy. I have written up a few posts but unfortunately they can't be published until after Tiburon is released.

As you've probably noticed I haven't updated the photo of the month in a while either and that's because I haven't been doing any wildlife or nature photography lately. But you can see one of my photos in the Spring issue of Nature Photographer which is currently in stores.

Copyright © 2007 Chris Bensen. All rights reserved.

When adding this photo to this post I was just reminded of why I post my photos so small. Many people have asked for me to post them larger and the simple reason I don't post them larger is they get stolen.


unused said...

Speaking of photos getting stolen, my sister was sitting in a real estate training one day and during the power point presentation she recognized one of the photos they used as one I had taken. She pointed that out, they responded with a deer-in-the-headlights "busted" look. She mentioned it to me and it was the first I had heard of it.

It is interesting though. It is both flattering that someone found my work worth stealing and using in their training, and frustrating that they never bothered to leave me an email or a comment about that.

Fernando Madruga said...

Talking about daughter teeth, I know what that is! :) My almost 16 month old is quickly rising the old 6 teeth count to a very reasonable number with some of the nasty big ones popping in too... Couple that with a couple shots that she had to take and it's almost a miracle that she's handling it so well!

On the subject of photo stealing, that's a consequence of the internet: image search engines are good in what they do and even with the occasional banner pointing out that you should ask for consent or something, they don't make it easier than simply "stealing" the photos.

Then there's those people that gather some photos they find interesting and even think about dropping a word or two but by the time they get to use the photo they do it from their HD and completely forget where it came from...

But, of course, the main "problem" is that for most of us if an image is being publicly displayed on the internet, i.e., no login/pwd required, then it's available for free.

Xepol said...

Don't let those things that keep you sane fall by the wayside as you get buried in the other stuff.

make the time, trust me, in the long run, you'll be much better off for it.

Oh, and for teething - pickles, cold pickles. Kids love 'em and they work great.

Chris Bensen said...


If your sister hadn't seen it you probably never would have known. It happens all the time with photo sharing sites like Flickr. Even worse is how easily they promote Creative Commons.

Chris Bensen said...


I'm so glad I don't remember getting my baby teeth in.

The internet and any content that can travel on it (photos, music, books, software) are all in the same situation. Software, music and even books have ways to keep the honest people honest, but photos are just photos. The only way that could be prevented is to put a DRM system in place. But who wants that?

Chris Bensen said...


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I've been shooting plenty of photos. Over 2,000 since Aperture 2.0 came out. Once my daughter was born I realized I can't get out to the mountains as much as I used to (we took her on a couple camping trips and diapers and camping are tough). But I found I like photographing kids. So I've been doing child and family portraits in the Santa Cruz area. It's actually been a lot of fun. Website coming soon...

I'll give the pickles a try. We've given just about everything else a try!

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