Thursday, June 12, 2008

Delphi Tips and Tricks: Copy and Paste from the Type Library Editor

If you've used the type library editor in Delphi or C++Builder you've noticed that Cut, Copy and Paste don't work (CTRL + X, CTRL + C, CTRL + V). Well actually it's just Paste (CTRL + V) that doesn't work. To make a long story short the reason for this problem is due to the architecture of the IDE making it impractical to get this to function. The good news is there is actually a shortcut for Paste. So instead of CTRL + V, use Shift + Insert.


Xepol said...

Very, very very frustrating that bad (mind bogglingly bad) design choices mean that basic, common functionality doesn't really work right.

This comes back to the need for the IDE to have a good custom keybindings system that lets US the users define what we want.

Yes, you can customize many of the keybidings, but its so mind bogglingly hard that even CodeGear staff avoids it.

Ever fired up Visual Studio? There is a great keybindings system. Its a shame that it was one of the few things CodeGear didn't rip off out out the VS ide when they abandoned the D7 style IDE and introduced the monster we now have.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the above poster's frustration - the type library editor is not oen of the better parts of the IDE :)

Are you able to explain a bit more about what it is in the IDE's architecture that makes this impractical? I'm curious. I'm not so annoyed as the above poster, though, because I've worked on very large, complex systems - I know how things like this can happen. I'm just interested in how the IDE is designed and what in practice causes this kind of problem for it.

- dave.

Anonymous said...

Also I strongly subscribe to a customizable key-binding engine (QC #10968 - RAID #222531). This also will solve you almost all problems with custom national keyboards, different mappings etc. Quality Central has a bunch of reports on the theme.

Just my 2c,

m. Th.

Anonymous said...

Wow somebody is using the type library editor. I find it very buggy. Have problems in Delphi 2007 working on old Delphi 7 projects. It keeps popup messages that the type lybrary is chenaged and needs reloading, even if nothing is changed.
Not to speek about the missing ActiveX wizard.

Regards Eelco

Chris Bensen said...

All very good suggestions. I just hope knowing about Shift + Insert helps someone out there reading my blog avoid typing in a GUID by hand.

If anyone has bugs with the TLE, please enter a QC report with as much detail as possible and a test case if possible. If a small test case isn't possible then if you could narrow down your project and send it to me I'd be more than happy to take a look.

The basic problem with how the IDE architecture causes problems with the key-binding goes way back to the floating IDE. It's simply design choices that were made a long time ago.

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