Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sneak Peeks of Tiburón

Starting tomorrow, because it's bed time right now, I'm going to start showing you some sneak peeks of Tiburón. This is great news because I haven't been blogging much lately and I feel I've been neglecting this blog. Actually I have been blogging, I just haven't been hitting the publish button! There's lots of good stuff in Tiburón, so I'll post as many tasty bits as often as I can get time. But be warned, this is beta software and it is subject to change.

Update: I added a link on the sidebar for all Tiburón Sneak Peek posts.


Anonymous said...

Chris I would like to Know about the new about in COM and ActiveX.
Improvements, Debug, ....

Anonymous said...

I hope that in the new Delphi version you can finally resize the Project options dialog.

Anonymous said...

Is there any information about when will the Field test will start??

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know:

Will Tiburon let Delphi projects use VCL components built with CodeGear C++? I would buy Rad Studio instead of Delphi just for this because of OpenSSL, Boost, etc.

Will Tiburon let us use 32-bit XP-Style icons or PNG images without having to write hacks?

Will Tiburon include a non-beta quality version of Indy (or an alternative)?

Will Tiburon include support for Firebird RDBMS or SQLite? Both are great for native embedded RDBMS.

Chris Bensen said...


I've already started the sneak peeks of COM. Keep refreshing this blog. I'm adding as much information as I have time for.

Chris Bensen said...


Do you have a QC feature request for that by any chance?

Chris Bensen said...


I'm not sure I can discuss the field test. So I can neither confirm nor deny it's existence :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just a small question about this Tiburon thing:

Will Delphi 2009 include support for static class / record constructors on the native win32 platform ?

With Delphi 2007 this feature is only supported for NET but this is not sufficient since there's no clean way to initialize static fields inside a class / record to pre-defined values without static class constructors on the native win32 platform :(

Thanks in advance


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