Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tiburón Sneak Peek: New Component Wizard

The New Component wizard got a few new features. Here again you can see the search created with the new TButtonedEdit control I talked about in my post yesterday about the changes to the Tool Palette. That search is pretty slick if I do say so myself. Can you tell that I like it? I did use it all over the IDE.

Another oldie but goody from Delphi 7 and older is the the last page of the New Component Wizard. There are two new (but old) options to choose from: Install to Existing Package and Install to New Package. Note that the list of options changes. If you have an open active project then there will be an option to add the generated file to that package.

Here is a screen capture of Install into Existing Package. Note that I'm using a developer build of the IDE and I don't have an existing packages that are available to install into.

And probably the more useful option is to be able to create a new package. Provide a name and a description and bam! new package created, opened, installed and ready to go.

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